Visit Visa to Canada

Every year millions of people arrive to Canada with their own purposes and intentions. Whatever be the goals, every person must get a permission to cross the border of the country as a visitor. In most cases travelers apply for a visit visa to Canada as it is the most suitable option for coming to the country on a temporary basis.
Three types of visit visa to Canada are available:
· Single-entry visa gives permission to enter the country for one time only. Having left Canada once, person needs a new visa for arriving to Canada again.
· Multiple-entry visa permits coming into and leaving the country for six months at a time, without a demand to reapply every time. It may be valid for up to ten years or one month before to the passport expiration, whichever comes first. Visa owners must arrive to the country on or before the date it expires.
· Transit visa allows a stopover entry for a short period of time (48 hours maximum) to Canada travelling towards another country. It may be given for multiple entries or a single one.
In case the person needs longer period of stay than it has been permitted, he or she should apply for visa extension.
Applying for visit visa to Canada every person must fullfil the basic requirements:
o applicants have to demonstrate that the aim of their entry to the country is of a temporary nature,
o some visitors may be required a medical examination,
o applicants must have the sufficient quantity of money to support themselves during the stay in Canada,
o citizens of definite countries need to provide biometric data.
A letter of invitation is usually required if person intends to visit a friend or a family member. A properly written invitation letter improves the chances of visa approval.

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