Italian Immigration to Canada

Italian immigrants have been playing a very important role in Canadian economical, social and political life. Over 1.5 million Canadians are of Italian heritage. Nowadays, Italian Diaspora remains the largest ethnic group in Montreal after French and English, and the fourth in the country after English, French and Chinese.

Canada received a great number of newcomers from Italy during centuries and they had one common feature – economic reason. This country has been closely related to work opportunities with its expanding economy. Taking advantage of new Canadian policies the vast majority of families considered Italian immigration to Canada to be the best option to seize life opportunities and consequently invest their gains for a better future. In this host country they created and developed their own cultural, religious and nationalist identity.

Italian Canadians have changed society’s tastes in fashion, food, recreation and architecture, thus bringing a great contribution to Canadian life.

Canadian government offers a variety of programs for Italian immigration to Canada. Citizens of Italy are able to apply for federal and provincial work programs through which Canada encourages professionals from a huge variety of industries and occupations. Canadian work visa remains to be the most popular pathway for foreign workers trying to establish a new life in Canada. For entrepreneurs and investors there are business immigration programs. Citizens of Italy are also eligible to be sponsored by their closely related members from Canada.

Whichever program you choose, you must meet the essential requirements defined for each category of immigration. Having determined which immigration program works best for you, you will start your application process. You may hire an immigration consultant who will help you to reach this ultimate goal.

Many citizens of Italy achieved social and economic well-being by Italian immigration to Canada.

Take a chance to become a part of this thriving and developing community.

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