Immigration to Canada from US

The immigration landscape of Canada is constantly changing. The country encourages newcomers from around the globe. Its population became diversified including students, highly educated professionals, successful entrepreneurs, those seeking family reunification.

Nowadays the number of American residents intending to live in progressive, safe, and forward-looking country is extremely increasing perhaps more than usual.

Canadian government offers a number of permanent and temporary residence options ( to US citizens wishing to move to Canada. They just have to choose the one most relevant to their needs.

A sheer number of Americans are attracted by economic opportunities available in Canada. The economic-based immigration of the country is considered to be a notable example of a positive strategy creating opportunities for newcomers and Canadians alike.

Another option of immigration to Canada from US is sponsorship by a spouse or a common-law partner, while other US residents come to study or work on a temporary basis.

One more alternative opened for American citizens is Canadian diverse market-based economy offering ample opportunity for entrepreneurship and investment.

Some of Americans may be enticed by several factors on their way of immigration to Canada from US.

US citizens who immigrate to Canadian provinces and spend a few years residing in the country may eventually become citizens of their new adopted homeland providing themselves and their families with prosperous life.

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