Immigration to Alberta

Different provinces of Canada are in sharp contrast to each other. Geographical location, climate, and people who have settled them have shaped their lifestyles distinctively. But all are bound together by the way of life that is Canadian.

So what is it like? It’s a higher quality of life, better job opportunities, world-class healthcare facilities, leading education system and tolerant communities. Canadian government takes care of its citizens giving a lot of confidence and security to every person. And that’s, probably, one of the primary reasons why a great number of people like to be a Canadian.

If you choose Canada as where you want to live, you should consider immigration to Alberta. Here you can find a considerable amount of tremendous possibilities for everyone, making it one of the most favorable provinces for newcomers in the country.

Alberta is a Western Canadian province that is famous for its powerful oil wealth, developing industries, friendly residents, as well as diverse cultures and cities. It offers low tax rates and reasonable living costs. Moreover it provides a huge variety of career opportunities, whether you are a skilled professional or just a new graduate.

Having various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, Albertans have built a prosperous province with competitive wages, welcoming communities and facilities that support an active and full life.

Having settled upon immigration to Alberta, you should learn about the different pathways for moving to the province.

You can use various programs to get permanent residency in the province, the most popular one is considered to be the Alberta’s Provincial Nominee Program. Another way of immigration to Alberta is applying for Express Entry Canada program.

In any case you should explore available immigration options, getting your credential assessed, transferring your finances and more.


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