How to get visa for Canada?

How to get visa for Canada? It’s the question, which perturbs the person, who is going to visit this beautiful country. In spite of the large amount of different organizations, offering their services, the hard task is put before the potential client – how to choose the best one. Besides, it’s very important to select the right and the easiest way of travelling to Canada. Our immigration firm SafeImm is engaged in assisting people in the process of getting visa for Canada. We can advise you and help to prepare all the necessary documents for the appropriate kind of visa.
First of all, if you aren’t Canadian national, you should find out, how to immigrate to Canada or visit it. Based on this, you can choose the appropriate kind of visa.
There are two ways if visiting Canada: for temporary residency and permanent residency. Depending on the reason of your visit and the time of your stay in Canada, you can apply for the necessary kind of visa. Before you apply, you should find out, if you need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) ( or visa.
Temporary residency may be because of your temporary visit, study or work. If you are going to make the temporary visit to Canada, you can apply for three kinds of Visit Visa: Visitor visa, Super visa or Visa for visit on business. It depends on the aim of your temporary trip.
If the person is going to study in Canada, there may be provided such reasons for getting temporary visa for Canada:
· Find a educational institutions
· Study Permit
· Work while/after study
If the reason of the temporary visit is your work, you can apply for the following kinds of visa:
· Work Permit with LMIA or LMIA-exempt
· Travel and Work

For the permanent residency in Canada we provide the list of different actual programs:
1. Express Entry
· Federal Skilled Worker
· Federal Skilled Trades Worker
· Canadian Experience Class
2. Provincial Programs
3. Start-Up Visa
4. Investor
5. Self-employed
6. Family sponsorship
· Parents
· Spouse
7. Caregivers
8. Refugees
9. Humanitarian
So, if you are perplexed by the question” How to get visa for Canada?”, we can easily help to solve your problem. You can find the detailed information and our contacts on the website

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