How to become Canadian resident

More and more people from different countries try to enter Canada on temporary or permanent basis yearly. They choose Canadian provinces for different reasons: some of them expand their business abroad, others are looking for better life quality and career prospects.

Whatever the aims are all applicants must complete a laborious application process to get an opportunity for starting a new life in Canada. There are many options to get qualified to Canadian immigration.

So, how to become Canadian resident? The first thing you should do is to learn about Canada immigration process, determine the purpose of your coming to the country as well as your eligibility for any of available immigration programs and acquire some sort of visa.

When asking how to become Canadian resident set sights on the type of residence you are going to have. The government of the country has designed various programs to offer the possibility of temporary or permanent residency. Each kind of residential status has its own requirements. Being a resident on a temporary basis you are allowed to visit the country on business, study, work or visit some of your family members. In this case applicants must obtain a Temporary Resident Visa or Travel Authorization (eTA).

Looking for a suitable way how to become Canadian resident in terms of obtaining an official permit to live in the country – consider permanent residence. In this case you will choose among a number of federal and provincial programs taking into account your skills, financial abilities and goals. You can apply through the province of your choice, get help from a spouse or family member who lives in Canada, choose an entrepreneur route, or go to Quebec which has special immigration requirements.

Having obtained a permanent residence status, you receive great benefits and opportunities. Permanent residents have many of the same rights as Canadian citizens.

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