Getting a visa for Canada

Canada is known as multicultural nation. Due to its developing economy and relatively low population this country encourages people from other countries providing them with excellent opportunities to work and live.

Canadian immigration programs focus on the ability to match labor market demand of certain professions which cannot be filled with Canadians to successful newcomers who are able to fill those positions contributing to the economy of the country. Canadian government is looking for people who can integrate into its society economically and culturally, i.e. obey the law, follow the democratic principles, respect other people and their religious beliefs.

The variety of immigration programs makes it possible for increasing number of applicants and their families to cross the border of Canadian provinces in order to enjoy the advantages of new life.

When getting a visa for Canada you have to determine your goals first. Your following steps will depend on the decision you have made: whether you are going to visit the country or live there permanently.

Along with permanent residency options the government offers temporary ones. Whether you are going to study, work temporarily, visit the country as a tourist or come there to see your children or grandchildren, you will apply for appropriate kind of visa or Electronic Travel Authorization.

If you are interested in getting a visa for Canada on permanent basis, you will choose among the following programs:

–         Express entry

–         Provincial programs

–         Business immigration

–         Family sponsorship

–         Caregivers

–         Refugees

–         Humanitarian.

Each one imposes essential requirements which must be fulfilled by applicants in order to succeed in their immigration process.

It is important to note that requirements for Canadian visa are constantly changing and new programs are being introduced.

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