French immigration to Canada

Among the variety of places to become their new homeland immigrants consider Canada to be a desired destination to start a successful life. For people across the world, relocation to Canadian provinces is an exciting opportunity, but citizens of France are at the forefront recently achieving this goal.

French immigration to Canada has grown significantly within the last years.

So, what makes this country a highly desirable choice?

One of the reasons is a strong economy of Canada which encourages immigration offering a wide range of possibilities for skilled workers, entrepreneurs and businesspeople. The country boasts its low unemployment rate, when comparing to France’s one. Therefore a great number of people, especially youth, take the advantage of economic immigration.

The overwhelming majority of newcomers settle in Quebec, where French is used as the predominant language. Furthermore Quebec-France Agreement on the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications facilitates French immigration to Canada. This agreement provides citizens of France with expedited recognition of professional competencies allowing them to have their credentials assessed in a shorter period of time compared to their fellow newcomers from other countries.

Encouraging francophones to settle outside Quebec in order to develop Francophone communities, the government has created French Significant Benefit Program, another facilitating option for individuals from any of French speaking countries.

The last but not least reason is, of course, a bilingual nature of the country, which allows newcomers of French speaking nation to communicate and work preserving their own mother tongue.

A common language, well-structured community, and the economic attractiveness of the country – all these options increase French immigration to Canada. Its exceptional ability to embrace multiculturalism and diversity is the key reason for newcomers to select Canada as their new home.

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