Canada Tourist Visa application

Canada is a magnificent, picturesque country and one of the favorite hotspot destinations for tourist from around the globe. Millions of travelers having different aspirations and being mesmerized by alluring landscapes of the county and its cultural diversity come to visit Canada every year.

If you are going to visit Canadian provinces for a temporary purpose of leisure and tourism, you will have to get a legal permission to enter the country. You must obtain Visitor Visa unless you are a citizen from a “visa exempt” country or you will require an Electronic Travel Authorization (this includes those who are transiting through Canada).

Here are some tips for you to get entry into the maple leaf country.

Having decided to visit Canadian provinces, pay attention to the following requirements of Canada tourist visa application.

Each applicant must have

–         a valid travel documents and passport

–         proof of returning to the home country at the end of required period

–         a sufficient amount of money to cover expenses during the stay in Canada

–         no intention to get employed or study while in the country (unless authorized to do so)

–         no criminal record

–         no security risk to the country.

Some applicants may also require a medical examination.

The tourist visa is issued for six months and allows single or multiple entries. Travelers are allowed to extend it by applying for extension 30 days before the date the original one expires.

It is strongly recommended to apply for tourist visa several weeks before planned departure date in order to get it ready on time for travel.

You can increase your chances at Canada tourist visa application with the assistance of professional experts. Our immigration consulting firm SafeImm will be pleased to provide you with knowledgeable, reliable and efficient assistance during the whole process of Canada tourist visa application.

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