Canada Immigration Requirements

If you’ve got a strong desire to immigrate to Canada, you should be acquainted with Canada immigration requirements. It’s a very important question of your intention, as without knowledge of it, your chances to become a Canadian resident may be equal to zero. First of all, you must know, that there is a list of programs to immigrate to this attractive country. And you have to find out, which of them is the easiest and the most appropriate especially for you. There are two types of immigration: for permanent residency and for temporary residency. The requirements to these immigration ways differ a lot. If you wish to stay in Canada for permanent residency, you should know, that there are the following programs to implement your desire into reality: Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades Work and Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Program, Start-up Visa, Investor, Self-employed, Family sponsorship (Parents, Spouse), Caregivers, Refugees, Humanitarian. Of course, if you are going to get the permanent residency according to one of them, you must fit its Canada immigration requirements. Each of them has its own rules and demands. To be closer to them, read the articles of our site, where everything is described and explained in details.

As it was mentioned above, there is also a possibility to stay in Canada not for a long period – for temporary residency. And there are also special requirements to be eligible to do it. The main document for this aim is Temporary Resident Visa. There are the following types of it, depending on the aim of your entering Canada: Visit Visa (for tourists), Student Visa (for applicants), Work Visa (if working for the Canadian company, being offered by it before), Parents and Grandparents Super Visa (to visit children or grandchildren in Canada).

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