Canada Business Visa

Program in business immigration includes 3 categories:
• Investors
• Entrepreneurs (pilot program Start-UP)
• The self-employment in the following branches (Self-employed):
culture, sports and farm management (with the possibility of purchase).
Each category has its own characteristics and specific requirements. These requirements do not belong to Quebec and the programs themselves are not spread there. The province of Quebec has its own business immigration program, as well as some other provinces.
Number of applications, received in the category of investors has its own quota. In addition to the requirements of English proficiency and educational level, the applicant must demonstrate the capital (net) of 10 mln. СAD and to invest 2 mln.CAD to the Fund of Venture Capital Immigrants – Investors of Canada (IIVC Fund) for 15 years, taking the risk of losing the part or the whole amount of the investment.
*The level of English or French is not lower than 5 CLB (CLB maximum score of 10);
*The availability of the documents testifying the secondary education. You also need to have at least one year of higher or secondary special education;
*The sufficient amount of funds to stay in Canada;
*The choice on your preferred province (except Quebec);
*The successfully passed Canadian check on the trustworthiness and physical examination;
The entrepreneurs, who have an innovative idea and the intention to open their business in Canada with the creation of jobs, have the opportunity to get sponsorship of the Canadian organizations and the possibility of immigration to Canada through a pilot program Start Up.
Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada (CIC) suggests several venture funds, ” business angels” and “business incubators”, assisting the program «Start-up».

The candidates must have a certain minimum of the investment for the project. As a part of the Canadian venture capital the amount of the investment is no less than $ 200,000, and in the framework of “business angels” – is no less than $ 75,000. It is not required to invest personal funds of the participants. If the Canadian “Start Up” is defeated, you will be still provided the permanent resident card, and this program will retain the status of the resident.

The culture and sports leaders, which have at least 2 years experience, and / or professional international achievements, can use the program for the Self – Employed, as well as those, who have experience in farming and are interested in purchasing it (cost of 250 thousand dollars). The availability of capital, business experience, education and level of English should be proved documentary. The conformity with the other criteria of immigration to Canada such as health indicators, lack of criminal history, the abidance of the human rights, the providing of the authentic information, etc. are also met.
If you want to consider a possibility to immigrate to Canada by one of the business categories, our experts can conduct a preliminary assessment of your immigration prospects also by the provincial business programs, as they’ve got the lower financial demands.

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