777 Business Visa to Canada

Business Visa to Canada

Canada business visa has been created in order to make experienced entrepreneurs interested in establishing and developing their commercial, entrepreneurial or investment activity within the borders of Canadian provinces. If you are looking for different ways to expand your revenues by entering new markets, invest or forge your business relationship, Canadian government will encourage your intentions. The country welcomes newcomers with sufficient entrepreneurial skills, experience, and financial ability to contribute to its economy.

Canada is considered to be the ideal destination for several reasons:

–          it is the world leader of major industry groups like Oil and Gas Extraction, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Information Technology;

–         it offers lower corporate tax rates and business costs as well as a ready access to markets;

–          it provides you with well-educated and skilled workforce which is one of the important prerequisites for economic expansion and advance.

Canada business visa has several categories depending on your purposes and abilities.

You can choose among

–          start-up

–          investor or

–         self-employed visa.

Each of the categories has its own requirements you have to comply with.

In order to get further information and choose the relevant type of visa, please contact us on +1-403-891-9542 or at https://safeimm.com/contacts/.

The first step towards acquiring a visa is making an assessment of your case. If you are going to set up business in Canada, fill up our Free Online Assessment form in order that our competent and experienced  immigration specialists could access your profile details and determine your eligibility.

If you intend to generate your revenue within Canadian market, SafeImm Consulting Inc. will help you to apply for Canada business visa suitable for your needs providing quality service to achieve your goals.

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