Apply Сanada Visa online

Canada is considered to be the most favorite country for people having intention to visit or get settled there. It welcomes newcomers from around the world for their experience, skills and ability to contribute to Canada’s economy. They also bring diversity and build vibrant communities.

Whatever the purpose is, everyone must obtain a legal permission to cross Canadian borders.

The government of the country has created a system to apply Canada visa online which significantly facilitates the application process. This electronic approach is supposed to eliminate time and costly consuming setbacks which may arise when relying on mail applications.

The system is available to all temporary residents, except for cooperative work permits.

Having a purpose to visit the country, you may

–          get or extend Visitor Visas or

–        apply for Electronic Travel Authorization (an entry specification for foreign nationals from visa-exempt countries travelling to or transiting through Canada by air).

To get these categories of visa granted applicants will have to provide some information regarding their occupation, health or the amount of money they will be carrying. It is strongly suggested for eligible travelers to complete their application form prior to their trip.

Experienced professionals or skilled workers having intention to get Canadian permanent residence can apply Canada visa online taking advantage of the Express Entry System (

Using the electronic system individuals can also get or extent study and work permits.

To apply Canada visa online you must have a major credit card and an access to a camera or scanner to create electronic copies of your documents for submission. On-line application are given priority and are processed first. The online forms can only be submitted if they are complete.

But beware of the pitfalls of this online convenience. Most applications get refusals because of content errors. Therefore it is always advisable to consult with a qualified immigration expert before sending in any applications online or by mail.

Our experienced professionals are committed to providing effective immigration consulting services to meet all your expectations.

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