Apply for Canada Visa

If you get a great chance to live out you dream of visiting Canada, you should take the key aspects into consideration. To begin with, everyone has to set the purpose of his or her visit. After that a person can apply for Canada visa regarding its eligibility requirements.
Since Canadian government offers a wide range of options, which allow legal entry to the provinces, the choice will depend on the aim of each visit (whether you’ve decided to visit the country on vacation, meet family members or friends, conduct business or just study). In that case a traveler should apply for visitor visa, super visa or get an electronic Travel Authorization.
You may apply for Canada visa as a single-entry, multiple-entry or transit one.
Visitors of the country are limited in length of stay in Canada.
Some individuals may be recognized as inadmissible for health, financial or security reasons.
Having made a conscious decision on moving to Canada, you may choose among various federal and provincial immigration programs depending on your intentions. These programs help overseas applicants obtain permanent residence in the country. Individuals can apply for Canada visa as investors or entrepreneurs, skilled foreign workers or experienced candidates, caregivers, refugees or humanitarian.
Canadian permanent residents must comply fully with residency obligations.
Having obtained a permanent residency status in the country, newcomers are granted the same civil rights and liberties as the Canadian sitizens.
There is a possibility for anybody who wants to refuse his permanent residency in the country. Anyone may apply to voluntarily renounce his status.
In order to make any changes in their immigration status or extend their stay, newcomers must submit a proper application.

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