Alberta Canada Immigration

Canada consists of ten different provinces and three territories and one of them is Alberta. Its capital is a city of Edmonton, and its biggest city and the main business center is the city of Calgary. Alberta is situated in the western part of the Canadian territory. Since 1905, Alberta became a separate province of Canada. By the way, there aren’t any accesses to the sea from this province. Besides, there is a good climate there – with a warm summer and cold winter. Thanks to Alberta growing economy (one of the strongest economies in Canada), there are high population growth rates in recent years. In addition, this province is the largest producer of crude oil, synthetic, natural gas and petroleum products in the country. Tourists prefer to go there to ski, visit different festivals and international sports competitions and to see eclectic sights.

And, of course, all these reasons attract more and more foreigners in recent years to stay there for permanent or temporary residency. Generally, the requirements of Alberta Canada Immigration are the same as to immigrate to any other province in Canada. All these rules, demands and the lists of necessary documents you can easily find on the pages of our site. Besides, the qualified consultants of our immigration firm SafeImm can give you the good consultation about your current question. They will help you find out, if you are eligible to Alberta Canada immigration. Also, our specialists provide the assistance in collecting of the documents, depending on the time and aim of your future staying in the country.

We can assure you, that the choice of Alberta Canada immigration is a perfect one, as our firm is working there in Calgary. We will do our best to implement your dream into reality!

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